White House very pissed off by Germany's antics over Leopard – Piontkowski


The White House is very pissed off by Germany's antics over Leopard, – Piontkovsky

Ukraine has not yet received Leopard tanks from Germany. The White House is very furious with such tricks of Olaf Scholz.

This opinion Channel 24 was voiced by Russian publicist and opposition politician Andrey Piontkovsky. Meanwhile, the US has announced a new $2.5 billion military aid package to Ukraine.

A terrible mistake has been realized in the West

Piontkovsky said that the West realized what a terrible mistake they made when they did not provide Ukraine with the necessary tanks. But in the United States, for example, the situation has improved. Everyone was afraid of the Trumpist Republicans coming to power, but Trump himself lost authority in the Republican Party.

Michael McCall and Lindsey Graham said a very simple thing. In terms of logistics technology, repair issues, of course, Leopard is better than Abrams. Moreover, there are 2 thousand of them running all over Europe. The Americans said that if the Germans so want, then we will give 20-30 Abrams, so that they do not hide behind it, – the Russian publicist noted.

He added that the White House is very furious with the antics of Germany. The Biden administration is practically furious about this.

Piontkovsky on how the White House is very furious about Germany's Leopard antics: watch the video

Scholz position

According to the Russian opposition politician, Olaf Scholz is a modern politician, not a visionary like, for example, Boris Johnson. He does not see the decisive battle that will determine the fate of the world for decades, that there is a battle between good and evil.

“He does not even have such concepts in his head. He has a concept of how to navigate the latest public opinion poll. The latest poll in German society seems to be like this – 46% for giving Leopard, 43% for not giving, and Scholz wants to satisfy both of them,” Piontkowski said.

Military assistance to Ukraine: latest news

  • When tanks were not given, the search for the guilty among our own began. They say that Vladimir Zelensky somehow asked the wrong way, not then, not in words, but it’s not necessary.
  • There is still a certain breakthrough in issues with the provision of German tanks to Ukraine, namely, an agreement on training our military to manage Leopard 2. This is a signal that our state will nevertheless receive these tanks.
  • The eighth meeting in the Rammstein format was held on January 20th. The next such meeting should start in February.

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