“White Wolves” destroyed 10 enemy tanks and one infantry fighting vehicle in the Donetsk direction during the night alone


Russian troops are suffering crazy losses in the war. The Ukrainian military destroyed a lot of enemy equipment in the Donetsk direction.

Special forces of the Special Operations Center “A” of the SBU “White Wolves” destroyed 10 enemy tanks and one infantry fighting vehicle in the Donetsk direction in just one night.

“White Wolves” inflicted insane losses on the invaders

The military showed a video of their work. The footage shows how the military destroy the equipment of the invaders.

How “White Wolves” destroy enemy equipment: watch the video

As of March 18, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated 164,200 occupiers. Over the past day, the military destroyed 880 invaders.

Losses of Russia in the war in Ukraine

  • liquidated personnel – 164,200,
  • tanks – 3 511,
  • armored fighting vehicles – 6 830,
  • artillery systems – 2 560,
  • MLRS – 506,
  • air defense systems – 265,
  • aircraft – 305,
  • helicopters – 290,
  • UAVs of the operational-tactical level – 2,159,
  • cruise missiles – 907,
  • ships / boats – 18,
  • automotive equipment and tankers – 5 404,
  • special equipment – 259.

Powerful losses of the enemy near Bakhmut

On Friday, March 17, a NATO official told reporters on condition of anonymity that Russia is suffering up to 1,500 daily casualties in offensive attacks. A significant part of this number of invaders die in the Bakhmut area.

At the same time, unlike Russia, Ukraine uses its living resource more expediently, according to the official of the Alliance.

At the same time, the NATO representative stressed that it is not yet known how long the battle for Bakhmut will continue. However, this section of the front on the Bakhmutka River became a “kill zone” during this time.

The Russian invaders continue to attack the city and try to destroy the logistics of the Ukrainian defenders. Ukrainian defenders with the call signs “Gazda” and “Sparrow” under heavy enemy fire carried the wounded brethren on their shoulders.

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