WHO advises COVID-19 survivors to continue wearing masks

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WHO advises COVID-19 survivors to continue wearing masks

The World Health Organization (WHO) is advising people who have had COVID-19 to continue to comply with antiviral measures, including wearing masks and physical distance. This was stated by WHO expert Maria van Kerkhove in a video published on the organization's Twitter account.

According to van Kerkhove, scientists are conducting a series of studies to find out the duration of immunity to coronavirus in survivors. “We still don't have a complete picture. Some studies show that antibodies can persist [in COVID-19 patients] for six months or longer. But judging from our experience with other coronaviruses, this immunity will not be lifelong, ”she said.

The expert noted the importance of compliance with antiviral measures by people who have been ill. “We still don't know how long immunity lasts. Therefore, it is important to maintain physical distance and keep our hands clean using soap or alcohol-based antiseptics. We must continue to wear masks where necessary and observe all safety precautions, ”said van Kerkhove.

Earlier, Australian scientists determined that the duration of immunity in people who have recovered from COVID-19 is at least eight months. According to scientists, this proves that vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus will be effective for a long time after injection.

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