Who can serve a subpoena and who can't: what the law provides


Who can serve a subpoena and who can't: what the law provides for

Martial law continues in the country due to the war with Russian invaders. Our army does not need to be mobilized, but the Ukrainians must provide their data to recruiting centers.

Recruiting centers continue to issue summonses to men. We are not talking about an immediate draft: the army is staffed and needs only certain specialists, it is only about updating all the data of those liable for military service.

Who can distribute subpoenas

As reported by the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security, one can often come across speculations on the issue of subpoenas. They even try to interpret it in different ways, confusing everyone.

What everyone needs to remember: National Police officers and Territorial Defense fighters do not hand out summonses. They can accompany authorized persons and ensure order.

The law clearly regulates the list of persons entitled to serve subpoenas. According to the legislation, it includes:

  • employees of military registration and enlistment offices;
  • authorized persons of communal institutions (ZHED);
  • employers;
  • authorized employees of educational institutions.

Ukrainians are urged not to believe all sorts of rumors that may be spread on the network. Panic and distrust is what the enemy hopes for, so only official sources should be trusted.

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