WHO expert from Russia assessed version of COVID-19 leak from laboratory in Wuhan

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WHO expert from Russia assessed version of COVID-19 leak from laboratory in Wuhan

It is very difficult to imagine a leak from the laboratory of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, since the laboratory itself is arranged beyond praise. Thus, the version about the origin of COVID-19 from the Chinese institute was assessed by the expert of the World Health Organization (WHO) from Russia Vladimir Dedkov, he is quoted by RIA Novosti.

“For our mission, of course, it was important to visit such an institution, communicate with colleagues, see how everything is organized there. Well organized. I don’t know who criticized them, the laboratory was built above all praise, ”the specialist emphasized, adding that there are no preconditions or facts that the virus spread from the laboratory.

Formerly a member of the WHO team in Wuhan, a British scientist, Dr. Peter Dashak, did not rule out the theory of the infection leak. A group of specialists spent four hours at the Institute of Virology, including visiting the highly isolated BSL-4 laboratory, with which rumors about the origin of the coronavirus are associated.

China is accused of hiding the outbreak, trying to silence doctors who tried to raise the alarm, and belatedly informing the world about what happened. The PRC was also blamed for obstructing an external investigation into the origin of the virus.

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