Who “lighted up” the Russians in the Crimea: a military observer suggested



Kovalenko about what Ukrainian weapons could reach the Saki airfield/Collage of Channel 24

There is no official confirmation that it was the Armed Forces of Ukraine that hit the military airfield in the occupied Crimea on August 9. However, speculation is already being heard from everywhere, with the help of which weapons they could theoretically do this.


Recall that The New York Times, referring to a high-ranking Ukrainian military, wrote that the Ukrainian defenders could really strike, moreover, they could do it using exclusively Ukrainian weapons. It is assumed that they could use the Grom-2 operational-tactical missile system. Oleksandr Kovalenko, a military-political observer of the Information Resistance group, commented this for Channel 24.

Could the Ukrainian military use Grom-2 “

According to him, the idea of ​​own production of OTRK arose immediately after Ukraine gained Independence. More or less promising, the project began to be demonstrated in the early 2000s, but it was constantly postponed. It was known under different names, in particular – “Sapsan”.

Since 2014, after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, work on the project began to work more intensively. It has received greater development not only in the interests of foreign customers, for example from Saudi Arabia.

It was known that Ukraine had a completely ready-made launcher for the Grom-2 OTRK, as well as an engine ready for use with tactical missiles. In addition, in 2021, unconfirmed information appeared that fire tests of the complex had allegedly begun. However, it is still unknown whether this information was true.

Many other questions remain:

  • what is the level of combat capability of the complex as of 2022,
  • was there any mass production of missiles for this complex,
  • if there was, how many were made and whether they were on the territory of Ukraine,
  • were it possible to save it during the massive rocket attack on Ukraine on February 24 .

Kovalenko explained that in February, when the full-scale invasion began, a very important target for Russian infidels during the massive rocket attack was the destruction of the Ukrainian-made Neptune anti-ship missile system. At that time, the Ukrainian military did the almost impossible to save the Neptune launchers in order to use them later.

I do not exclude that Grom-2 was saved, for almost half a year of a full-scale invasion, this complex received several more missiles that it can use, the observer suggested.

He noted that if the Ukrainian Armed Forces really used the Thunder-2 to strike at the airfield, it would be a phenomenal story. After all, few expected that Grom-2 would be used to defend Ukraine during a full-scale Russian invasion. p> However, the most likely, according to Kovalenko, could be the use of our military missiles SCRC “Neptune” M-360. According to their characteristics, they have the ability to destroy not only surface objects, but also land ones. Consequently, they can be used both against ships and against objects located on the land surface.

Explosions near Novofedorovka: briefly

  • On August 9, it became known about explosions near Novofedorovka during temporarily occupied Crimea. Locals reported about 15 explosions.
  • Subsequently, it became known that they were heard from the territory of the Saki military airfield, from where Russian bombers and fighters attacked the south of Ukraine throughout the full-scale war.
  • The Air Force reported that the infidels lost 9 planes at once.

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