WHO says coronavirus has turned into a pandemic of poor countries: details

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WHO says coronavirus has turned into a pandemic of poor countries: details

In Africa, only 6% of people were fully vaccinated.

COVID-19 has turned into a pandemic of poor countries, and states that actively vaccinate their citizens with additional doses of coronavirus vaccines are taking risks.

The corresponding warning was voiced by the special envoy of the World Health Organization David Nabarro, according to The Guardian.

“It is currently a disease of poor people and poor countries,” he stressed. Nabarro pointed out that the world is still in a state of pandemic, and in the last 24 hours alone, experts have registered 5,413 deaths associated with COVID-19.

The WHO special envoy also called the desire of rich countries to “withdraw the population from active a pandemic by vaccination is a “big gamble”.

In particular, he recalled the emergence of new strains of coronavirus against which modern vaccines may be ineffective, and also noted that the population may ultimately refuse to return to measures such as wearing a mask and social distancing.

According to the WHO, in Africa, only 6% of people were fully vaccinated by the end of October. Some African countries have even lower rates, including Nigeria (2.8%).

“If we look at low-income countries in general, it is surprising that less than 1% of total vaccines have been delivered to these poorest countries, many of which are located in Africa,” said Oxfam Health Policy Advisor and Adviser on Anna Marriott's People's Vaccine Alliance policy.

“Pharmaceutical corporations have removed the priority of developing countries, in particular the African continent,” she continued. needed “.

In addition, according to Unicef ​​Procurement Director Eva Cadilli, some of the vaccines donated by wealthy countries had a short shelf life, placing a huge strain on health systems.

So, added the chief scientific adviser of the African Center for Disease Control Nikaise Ndembi, almost 700 thousand vaccines have expired. He believes that this could exacerbate doubts about vaccinations.

“If people know that we are destroying vaccines, they are sure that something is wrong,” Ndembi explained.

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