“Who to call if the police kill”: the reaction of Ukrainians to the sentence for the murder of Kirill Tlyavov


The court sentenced the patrol policemen who killed 5-year-old Kirill Tlyavov in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky. Child killer only got 4 years. Ukrainians are shocked by such injustice.

So, when probable murderers and rapists receive conditional and ridiculous terms of imprisonment, for theft of products in supermarkets they can be imprisoned from 5 to 8 years. The reaction of Ukrainians was further gathered by Channel 24.

The verdict of the court is striking

Former policeman Ivan Prikhodko was appointed 4 years in prison, however, he was in jail for 3.5 years, so the actual sentence is six months.

More than 135 thousand hryvnias were collected from Prikhodko in favor of the state. He also has to pay a million hryvnia in moral damages to the relatives of the deceased boy: Kirill's parents – 800 thousand hryvnia, grandmother – 200 thousand hryvnia. saving cartridges.

Prikhodko himself also spoke about the unfair verdict. “Babel”. However, he meant the other way. Journalists caught up with him after the announcement of the verdict – he threw afterthe verdict is not fair. We need everyone to sit down.”

Prikhodko runs away from journalists/Photo “Babel”

Reaction of social networks

The network recalled the inscription on the Kiev embankment “who to call when the police kill”. Who to call if the police kill/Photo from Twitter

Anton Tymoshenko compared that for the murder of a 5-year-old child, police officers are given 4 years, and the average life expectancy in Ukraine is 71 years. can kill up to 10 children, go out and live a little longer for themselves,” Tymoshenko emphasized.

In fact, Ukrainians say that nothing unties their hands like a sense of impunity. A person can do whatever they want, because anyway, the punishment will either be minimal or it will not be.

Activist Sergei Sternenko added that justice has again lost to the Ukrainian law enforcement system and justice.

The sentence for murder is unfair/Photo by Stasik

An example of a sentence for a retiree who grew his own marijuana. He received 5 years in prison. That is, such an act is worse than killing a child by drunken policemen.

Kirill's relatives are in despair

Kirill's father Yodgard first came to the meeting, because he did not withstood stress. By the way, my father is in the military. A month ago, he was operated on the ligaments on his leg – he fell unsuccessfully near Kramatorsk. In February 2022, Yodgard mobilized, fought in the Kyiv, Kharkov and Donetsk regions.

Kirill's grandmother Alexander Tlyavov, who had been going to court all these years, could not hold back her tears. She was in despair at the injustice. She says that she no longer has the strength to fight, since the lawsuit has significantly worsened her health.

Kirill's father in court/Photo “Babel”

Kirill's grandmother was in despair/Photo “Babel”

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