Who will now communicate with an international criminal? – Zhdanov on a warrant for Putin


Who will now communicate with an international criminal? - Zhdanov on a warrant for Putin

On March 17, the International Criminal Court in The Hague issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Children's Commissioner Maria Lvova-Belova. They are suspected of illegally deporting Ukrainian children to Russia, which can be considered a war crime.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov quoted in his stream the statement of the UN Commission of Inquiry, Channel 24 reports. He explained that the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court extends to the territory of all countries that have signed the Rome Statute. Ukraine recognized the jurisdiction of this treaty.

Basis for warrants of arrest

Ukraine recognized the jurisdiction of the Rome Statute on its territory several years ago. This gave the basis for the International Criminal Court to open a case on the fact of the illegal deportation of children and minors to the territory of Russia, Zhdanov commented.

“It is important that the court opened criminal proceedings based on the findings of the UN Commission of Inquiry and issued warrants for the arrest of Putin and Lvovo-Belova,” the speaker stressed.

Oleg Zhdanov about the order for Putin: watch the video

Order has no immunity

This is stated in the powers of the court, the military expert said on the air. Thus, such a warrant can be issued to the head of state as well.

I wonder who will now vouch for the international criminal named Putin,” Oleg Zhdanov asked rhetorically.

Order for Putin: the essentials

  • Since March 17, Vladimir Putin has had the status of a suspect. He and Maria Lvovy-Belova were issued warrants on the basis of petitions filed by the prosecutor's office on February 22, 2023. All the details of the case 24 Channel collected here.
  • Meanwhile, the Kremlin denied all accusations, saying that “Russia does not steal children, but saves them.” And the Russian ombudswoman was delighted that the international community “appreciated her work in helping children.”
  • It is important that now Russia cannot achieve the lifting of international sanctions without the execution of court orders. Therefore, former Ambassador-at-Large Stephen Rapp is sure that Putin will end up in The Hague.
  • Ukraine can operate with the decision of the ISS in the legal field. In particular, in relations with countries recognizing the court. Yes, Kyiv can demand from such states the immediate arrest of Putin and Lvovo-Belova, if they suddenly decide to visit the territory of those states.

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