Why did we climb here, why did we need this country – the Russian military is in despair


Why did we climb here, why did we need this country – the Russian military is in despair

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to attack enemy positions – the invaders are forced to retreat. In the intercepted conversations with relatives, it can be heard that the invaders regret that they went to the front.

The Main Intelligence Directorate released an intercepted conversation between a Russian soldier, probably with his wife or mother. The occupier complains that he does not like anything, in particular, command and being in the war.

Russian soldiers are demoralized and have no motivation to fight. The invaders are extremely dissatisfied with the conditions in which they are forced to be. They openly say they want to go home.

Nah, did we climb here? Nah us this country? Earth in pockets, earth in shorts, all in a swamp. Like a wham. I'm sick of canned food. Perhaps it will end soon, – said one of the soldiers.

The kafir also shared that he was told by radio that the command was collecting lists of the military. Then he had a hope that he would be taken away. But, most likely, they collected lists of “rocketeers” in order to know who is in what positions now.

In addition, Putin's warrior called his commanders finished, because they do not care about their subordinates at all. He understands that the Ukrainian special services are listening to him, but he does not care. He told the woman who was on the other side of the phone to look for him near “Shepilovo” (the village of Shepilovka in the Luhansk region – channel 24).

How Russian soldiers are forced to suffer

Recently at the Institute on the study of war said that the Kremlin is in complete trouble with the officers. The Russian command releases cadets ahead of schedule and sends them to the front. Experts note that this practice will have negative consequences. The loss of the cadets will have a negative impact on the restoration of the Russian army.

Putin's soldiers do not even have proper allowances. First, under mysterious circumstances, more than a million sets of winter military uniforms disappeared in Russia. Even State Duma deputies cannot explain this.

And secondly, the soldiers at the front are forced to survive. According to the deputy of the Kherson Regional Council, Sergei Khlan, they drain diesel fuel from their fuel trucks and sell it. They do this in order to earn at least some money.

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