Why Germany has dramatically changed its position on Leopard tanks for Ukraine: a political scientist on the possible influence of Putin

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Why did Germany drastically change its position on Leopard tanks for Ukraine: a political scientist on Putin's possible influence

According to the expert, Scholz's attitude towards Ukraine after the New changed dramatically.

The probable reason for the sharp change in the position of Germany, namely its Chancellor Olaf Scholz, regarding the transfer of Leopard tanks to Ukraine may be the influence of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

About political scientist Mykola Davydyuk said this in a comment to Channel 24.

“I have a certain strong feeling that Putin congratulated Scholz on the New Year. And he delivered a very tough ultimatum,” the analyst said.

According to him, several factors significantly influenced the position of the chancellor. Davidyuk recalled what Scholz's position was in supporting Ukraine at the end of 2022.

“Remember what he was like before the New Year: he came out on top for help, asked for forgiveness before the Ukrainians, promised to help, did not want to win Putin, I saw the victory of Ukraine,” he recalled.

The expert also stressed that since the beginning of 2023, Scholz said that he could not transfer tanks to Ukraine, did not agree to give permission for their supply to other countries, and now they also do not talk about additional equipment with weapons.

“This is just a change and rhetoric, and behavior as a politician,” the political scientist noted.

According to Davidyuk, one should also be attentive to the behavior of the new Minister of Defense.

Transfer of Leopard tanks to Ukraine: details

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz evades decision and response to the supply of Leopard tanks to Ukraine. He constantly talks about the risk of war between the Russian Federation and NATO. According to him, Germany will take a step with the transfer of tanks only together with other states.

The United States expressed disappointment at the indecision of the FRG. We are talking about the transfer of Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine to confront the Russian Federation.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki criticized Germany for the delay in providing military assistance to Ukraine with Leopard 2 tanks.

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