Why is it important for the Armed Forces to keep Bakhmut: a military analyst named 2 reasons


Why is it important for the Armed Forces to keep Bakhmut: military analyst names 2 reasons

< p _ngcontent-sc156="" class="news-annotation">Fierce fighting continues in Bakhmut. But the Ukrainian military continues to defend the city at the cost of heavy losses.

About thisChannel 24said military analyst Alexei Getman. According to him, Bakhmut itself, by and large, has no strategic significance. However, the Ukrainian military is performing a very important military task there.

AFU causes significant harm to the occupiers

He named two reasons why it is so important for Ukraine to contain Bakhmut:

  • we tie down a large number of Russian troops, which makes it impossible for them to prepare for an offensive in other places where we plan our counteroffensive;
  • we are destroying a large number of military personnel and equipment of Russia. And recently, not convicts from the Wagner PMC, but elite landing troops and marines.

We are leaving Russia without special forces, because the marines and airborne – these are special forces, – the analyst noted.

In his opinion, there is no need to liberate this city yet. Indeed, logistics routes for the supply of ammunition from Konstantinovka, from other cities are now preserved in Bakhmut.

The situation in Bakhmut: watch the video

“This is a war, and we must understand that both sides will suffer losses in the war. But we are doing very significant harm to the occupiers. And we are also forcing them to keep a lot of the number of its armed forces,” Aleksey Getman emphasized.

What's happening in Bakhmut: latest news

  • the occupiers do not stop trying to capture Bakhmut. But this time, the attempt to storm the enemy failed. Our military not only eliminated the invaders, but also took several prisoners.
  • Sergeant of the 10th mountain assault brigade Stepan Barn reported that the Konstantinovka-Bakhmut direction was being actively shot through. To ensure supplies, alternative routes must be used.
  • The Russians are trying to storm Bakhmut in the Donetsk region to no avail. Ukrainian defenders continue to defend the city, which is leveled with the ground by enemies. The 93rd separate mechanized brigade Kholodny Yar published a photo report from Bakhmut.

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