Why Kiev sometimes does not turn on the alarm when it is in the region: Air Force explanation


Why Kiev sometimes does not turn on the alarm when it is in the region: Air Force explanation

In Kyiv and the region on March 1, an air alert was announced due to a hostile object in the sky. The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told why sometimes the alarm is not turned on in Kyiv when it continues to operate in the Kyiv region.

Yuriy Ignat, the speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, noted on the air of the telethon that the air raid may include districts, writes Channel 24 . In particular, he explained that local air raid alerts are triggered when, for example, enemy multiple rocket launchers are operating.

The alarm can be turned on sectorally, where there is a threat

In such cases, when, in particular, the Russian MLRS is operating, they may include a certain sectoral alarm in areas where there is a real threat.

In Kyiv, the alarm (March 1 – Channel 24) was associated with the operation of a drone. At first they said it was a balloon. But the air force immediately reported that it was a drone of an unidentified type. It was worked out by means of air defense. He was shot down, that's why there was an alarm, – said Ignat.

He explained that when the air defense is on, one or two missiles can be fired, depending on the situation. “And this could pose a threat,” Ignat said, adding that debris was falling on Ukrainian territory.

Ignat spoke about the UAV that was shot down in the Kiev region

The Air Force spokesman noted that at the moment, the exact type of enemy drone that was shot down on March 1 has not been established. According to him, this is probably an Orlan or another type of reconnaissance UAV.

Ignat noted that finding the wreckage after the destruction of the target is difficult. In particular, the reason is that on the territory of Ukraine there is a lot of debris from other downed targets. Therefore, when it is possible to immediately establish the type of downed target, this is reported.

It should be noted that on February 27 and March 1, Russia attacked Ukraine with Iranian Shahid-type kamikaze drones. On Monday, February 27, the invaders released 14 Shahids, of which 11 were shot down.

Immediately 9 Shahids were destroyed in the Kyiv region. Unfortunately, three drones hit Khmelnitsky. At the same time, on March 1, the Ukrainian military shot down all four Shahids that were launched by the Russian invaders.

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