Why propagandists began to criticize the military leadership because of defeats: a psychologist's answer


Why propagandists began to criticize the military leadership because of defeats: a psychologist's answer

After the resounding defeat of the infidels in Liman, Russian propagandists began to allow themselves to criticize the top military leadership of Russia. On the air, they often talk about defeats at the front, the failure of mobilization and the loss of occupied territories. The psychologist explained why propagandists do this.

Psychologist Valentin Kim said about this on Channel 24. He noted that the difference between Russia and the Soviet Union is that now there is competition among propagandists.

Why propagandists criticize the military leadership

The psychologist agreed that the Kremlin “sets the agenda” and not everything allows you to speak or publish, but now the power is lost.

This confusion is passed on to everyone else, cascading from level to level. And among the propagandists, the “what happened?” reflex begins to recover. They start looking for a new line of behavior. Because if one of them shows awareness or acumen and cooks the one you need, then you can win on this, Kim explained.

According to him, propagandists compete with each other, moreover, they are now trying to find that “vein” that they can grab onto again and understand that who will “sink” in this war of the Kremlin towers, and who will “sink”.

“They are trying to criticize (military leadership – channel 24), because there is a misunderstanding in the society why the Russian military has not been able to capture Kyiv for 7 months, why the front is crumbling, why the occupiers are doing “gestures of goodwill,” he said.

Kim explained why propagandists criticize the military leadership: video

The psychologist noted that propagandists are now actively searching for new meanings and a new foothold, thanks to which they can move on the “land” that they own, otherwise it will end badly for them.

How propagandists can “get out”

Valentin Kim said that now propagandists need to increase the greatness of the enemy.

If you lose, especially when you present yourself as the greatest state, then you must do it to some absolute and invincible enemy. And the Russians, as propagandists constantly say, have only one enemy – the United States, the West or NATO. he emphasized.

According to the psychologist, propagandists periodically use such messages, but recently they have digressed from this.

“Instead of propagandists start looking for the last one in order to increase the ratings of the enemy, and thanks to this, not to look so unsuccessful against his background. And this is evidence of confusion. Because if the Kremlin gave them clear advice, they would continue to tell, that “they are at war with the whole world” and “there are NATO troops at war,” he added.

By the way, experts emphasize that Russian propaganda “fell down” with the announcement of mobilization. A sharp change in the sociological picture is noticeable in society , the mood of society, anxiety has grown very much.They now understand that war is not on TV, now war can come to every home.

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