Why Putin lost so many generals: military expert explains


Why Putin Lost So Many Generals: A Military Expert Explains

Why Putin Lost So Many Generals/Getty Images During the 37 days of a full-scale war in Ukraine, many regular officers of the Russian army were killed. The list of generals is quite long and is constantly updated with new names.

The fact is that they have never faced such resistance. Military expert Oleg Zhdanov said this on Channel 24.

However, resistance is not the only reason. Ukraine won from a psychological point of view and pulled the situation in its favor.

The demoralization of the troops forces the middle level of leadership – the army, corps, division and brigade – to be directly in the troops, because that you need to keep the situation under control,” Zhdanov explained.

Otherwise, there will be a riot, or the troops will simply scatter through the forests. So the Russians are forced to put forward these command posts in order to keep the situation under control.

On the other hand, in order to have a real state of affairs happening on the front line.

“That is why they fall under our fire damage and die in such numbers. There are several of those who were removed from their posts,” the expert added.

The war is not going according to plan, but Putin demands defeat

The military expert also noted that in the Kremlin, especially in the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, they are aware that the war in Ukraine is not going according to their plan. However, Putin does not want to hear this.

“Therefore, the Kremlin head does not change his tasks, even regardless of whether all the information reaches him or not. He demands victories from his generals, some kind of military defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” he stressed.

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