Why Russia cannot deliver a massive blow to the territory of Ukraine: Zhdanov's explanation


Why can't Russia launch a massive strike against territory of Ukraine: Zhdanov's explanation

As of today, Russia is not capable of launching a massive missile attack on Ukraine. Enemy aircraft do not fly into Ukrainian airspace.

This Channel 24 was told by military expert Oleg Zhdanov. He also noted that this is precisely why they are afraid and take revenge as best they can – that is why the Russians shell cities as much as possible within the reach of the MLRS.

According to Zhdanov, the occupiers intensified shelling of cities from such systems, because they hope that they will be able to sow chaos and panic among the civilian population.

Infrastructure strikes need precision-guided missiles, which I understand are getting scarcer. In my opinion, the Russians will not be able to simultaneously strike at the entire Ukrainian critical infrastructure,” the expert says.

According to Oleg Zhdanov, even do not pay attention to the options of the headquarters: the Russians will strike at the airport in Poland. In this case, they need to destroy the entire railway.

“And Poland, a member of NATO, and by hitting it, you will play with the entire Alliance that can respond,” he sums up.

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