Why Russia wants to extend the grain deal: Bratchuk called the main “trump card”


Why Russia wants to extend the grain deal: Bratchuk called the main

Russia again announced the mythical “gesture of good will” and agreed to continue the grain initiative. Despite this, Russian troops continue to shell Ochakov from the Kinburn Spit and put pressure on the terms of the agreement.

This was told to Channel 24 by the speaker of the Odesa OVA Sergey Bratchuk. According to him, the grouping of the Russian Black Sea Fleet has increased at sea, and the total number of possible racket launches is kept at the level of 28 units.

Russia is trying to push

Sergei Bratchuk is convinced that the grain agreement and the presence of Russian launch vehicles in the Black Sea signify a definite attempt by Russia to put pressure on negotiations on a grain agreement. The representative of the Odesa OVA noted that the current traffic volumes are no longer the same as they were in the fall.

“Ports near Odessa are working. Of course, the volumes are not the same as in the fall of 2022. I hope that the grain agreement will be extended, but we see differences in days, 60 or 120,” Sergey Bratchuk said.

The Russians announced the extension of the grain agreement: watch the video

The representative of the Odesa OVA also noted that Russia has again started talking about the absurd term “goodwill gesture” and he believes that the Russians were prompted by Turkey's ban on importing sanctioned goods through Turkish ports on Russian ships.

He added that Ukraine has its own trump card in this matter, which Russia cannot but reckon with, since it directly feels its influence and pressure on itself.

“Our biggest “trump card” is what the Armed Forces of Ukraine are doing on the battlefield. If the enemy feels it, and he feels it, then, of course, he is also trying to retreat in these negotiations on a grain deal and demonstrate “goodwill gestures “Bratchuk said.

Extension of the grain deal: watch the video

  • In Russia, they said that they continue the operation of the grain agreement on preliminary conditions, but, probably, consultations will still continue.
  • The Russians insist that the grain agreement should last for 60 days, but this is blackmail and manipulation, since in the case of a package extension, which Moscow announced, the agreement should last for 120 days.
  • The previous agreement expires on March 18, 2023. Despite the Russians' announcement regarding a possible extension, the UN does not yet know what to expect on March 18.

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