Why the explosion at Engels was so massive: Zhdanov suggested the reason


Why the Engels explosion was so massive: Zhdanov suggested the reason

On December 26, explosions were heard at the Russian Engels airfield, from where bombers took off to launch missile attacks on Ukraine. Russia officially announced that their military shot down a drone over the airfield.

These strikes were preemptive: the one who delivered them was ahead of the Russian command, which was planning another massive strike on Ukraine. Military expert Oleg Zhdanov spoke about this in his stream, reports Channel 24.

The symbolic name of the airfield

According to him, now the situation there is very difficult – the airfield is not working. About 10 aircraft were withdrawn from there, of which 3 were Tu-160s, and probably 5-8 Tu-95s. They are directed towards the Urals – to the Ukrainka airfield.

Coincidentally, even the name of this airfield is symbolic,” he stressed.

The military expert noted that restoration work was being carried out at the airfield in Engels.

Why the explosion at the airfield ” Engels” turned out to be so massive: watch the video

5 planes were damaged

“The information around the explosion is very different. Officially, the Russians reported that 3 people died, 4 were hospitalized. The airfield control center was also damaged,” he said.

Zhdanov noted that it is known from unofficial Russian sources: 8 people were killed, about 17 were injured. This is the entire duty shift of flight control and the “techies” who were near the aircraft.

He said that up to 5 aircraft were probably damaged as a result of a strike on the airfield. They stood with missiles suspended, so the explosion was on such a large area and on such a large scale.

We don’t have to wait long – satellite images of this airfield during the explosion will soon appear, and we will see what damage those drones caused, or what flew there, is unknown, – the expert emphasized.

He noted that Ukraine officially in no way is not involved in these strikes and has not made any statements.

The explosion at the Engels airfield on December 26: what are the consequences

  • Recent An explosion at an air base in Engels, Saratov Region, forced the Russians to withdraw their strategic aviation as far as possible. This will significantly complicate Russia's missile strikes against Ukrainian energy facilities.
  • Instructor pilot Roman Svitan is convinced that after the explosion in Engels, the airfield will cease to function for a while. After all, the entire change of control, which was at that moment at that point, was probably completely disabled.
  • After the explosions at the Russian Engels airfield over Ukraine, no enemy tactical aviation activity was recorded. This happened for the first time in months.

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