Why the mothers of dead Russian soldiers have not yet overthrown Putin's power: Arestovich's opinion


Why the mothers of dead Russian soldiers still haven't overthrown Putin's power: Arestovich's opinion

Arestovich suggested why the mothers of murdered infidels don't go to rallies

One ​​of the great surprises of this war was the mothers of infidels, who are sometimes indifferent to the fate of their sons, and the large number of dead has not yet aroused protest moods in them. Alexey Arestovich explains this by the influence of the Putin regime.


The adviser to the head of the President's Office is convinced that the regime of the Kremlin dictator is stupefying and corrupting Russians. Alexey Arestovich expressed this opinion on the air of Radio Chicago.

Mothers of infidels do not take their sons from Ukraine

Aleksey Arestovich told about dozens of cases when a prisoner was given the opportunity to call relatives, and the first question was: “And I won't get anything for talking to you?” For all the time, only the mother of one occupant sent a written confirmation of her readiness to take her son from captivity, but later, obviously, her relatives refused her and she did not come.

The adviser to the head of the President's Office noted that during the First Chechen War, that is, under the presidency of Boris Yeltsin in Russia, there were many mothers who were looking for their sons among the dead and wounded, and the Chechens, against whom the Russians fought, did not move them, because they treated this with understanding. However, now everything is completely different.

Arestovich stressed that the mothers of infidels were offered to take away thousands of bodies of the dead, which are now in Ukrainian morgues. in addition, there are many stories about how Russians buy cars for compensation after the death of a son, husband, father or brother. and even in the intercepted conversations they often trace something like “and there was no use from him, but at least they bought a car.”

Losses of infidels in the war

Every day for 5 months of a full-scale war, Ukrainian defenders and defenders inflicted colossal losses on the enemy and continue to do so. As of the morning of July 24, in 151 days of hostilities, the invaders lost:

  • about 39,520 infidels from the personnel;
  • 1,722 tanks;
  • 3 942 armored fighting vehicles;
  • 869 artillery systems;
  • 255 multiple launch rocket systems;
  • 113 air defense systems;
  • 221 aircraft;
  • 188 helicopters;
  • 714 drones;
  • 170 cruise missiles;
  • 15 ships and boats;
  • 2,823 vehicles and tank trucks;
  • 73 special vehicles.

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