Why You Shouldn't Be Disappointed When There's No Good News After Rammstein


Why you shouldn't be disappointed when there's no good news after Rammstein

Regular meetings at the Ramstein base have already become a top event in Ukrainian media and public discourse.

Ramstein is not a media platform

They are waiting for meetings, discussing them, making predictions about what “we will hear this time” and looking forward to the final briefings. Then they are “disappointed”, indignant and so on.

I think there are a few things to understand. The Rammstein format itself is not a media event or newsworthy occasion. It is also not the place to make political statements (like the UN General Assembly). This is a real diplomatic format, and important issues are discussed there. It is not worth waiting for each meeting to bring some news that is pleasant for the general public.

Moreover, if you analyze the dynamics of official messages about the provision of aid packages to Ukraine, then in terms of time they often do not They are not connected with Rammstein.

The task of Ramstein is to be a real diplomatic platform on one specific topic, and not a propaganda informational occasion.

Statements are contradictory, but support for Ukraine is growing

It is hard not to notice that the approaches to some key issues among Western countries to support Ukraine remain quite different. There is an approach of the states that have recently pronounced the “Tallinn Declaration” on supporting Ukraine. This document has not remained purely declarative.

Estonia has already announced the transfer of all its artillery to Ukraine. There is a conditional approach in the US, there is a conditional approach in Germany. Of course, Ukrainians don't really like the last one, but I don't think that anyone seriously counted on the instantaneous transformation of German policy into something directly opposite to the line of many past years.

K what am I? There is a diplomatic process. It means meetings, negotiations, sometimes statements that seem very contradictory in content. There is no need to spend all your emotional potential on them.

There are some trends in the growth of support for Ukraine from Western partners. The main thing is a qualitative change in this support. It all just started with the means of guerrilla warfare and Soviet technology, and now they have reached the Patriot systems. Not to notice this is hard. This is if we define global trends that say something.

But the movement towards these trends is not linear, the pace is clearly not such as to satisfy anyone. Not only is the danger from an aggressor state not decreasing, as some in the West might have hoped, but there are tendencies to increase. All this is the subject of complex diplomatic negotiations. Briefings after each Ramstein are just a very small part of this process.

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