Wife had an abortion, and her husband is now suing the women who helped her

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Wife had an abortion, and her husband is now suing the women who helped her

The indignant man demands three million dollars in compensation.

Texas resident Marcus Silva is suing three women for helping his ex-wife get abortion pills. The man demands from each of them compensation in the amount of one million dollars.

The BBC writes about it.

In the lawsuit, the man claimed that the women were responsible for the death of his child.

As proof, he provided screenshots of his ex-wife's personal correspondence. In their correspondence, the women provided links to websites where they could buy pills for medical abortion. And one of them helped deliver the order to Houston, where the couple lived.

His ex-wife Brittney Silva wrote that if Marcus found out she was pregnant, he would try to force her to stay with him.

The lawsuit alleges that the drug maker will also be held liable once its identity is established.

The couple officially divorced in February 2023, they already have two daughters.

The lawsuit states that Brittney learned of her pregnancy in July 2022, after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the constitutional right to have an abortion, but a month before Texas passed a law that made abortion a felony.

In 2021, Texas passed a law banning most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. This gave citizens in Texas the right to sue doctors and even family members who supported a woman in having an abortion of a fetus older than six weeks, or even a friend of a woman who would take her to a car for an abortion.

One of Marcus Silva's lawyers was Jonathan Mitchell. He was the author of the abortion law in Texas.

Recall that the girl refused to marry her cousin – relatives brutally avenged.

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