Will accelerate their military defeat, – Arestovich about the probable offensive of the Russians to Bessarabia


Will accelerate their military defeat, – Arestovich on the probable Russian offensive on Bessarabia

Arestovich commented on the probable Russian offensive on Bessarabia/Channel 24 Collage

Alexei Arestovich recalled Russia's calls for the alleged “necessary occupation” of Moldova. The politician explained to Russia that activities in a different direction would only hasten their military defeat.

An adviser to the head of the President's Office told the relevant information at a briefing on the evening of April 26. In particular, he warned that Ukraine knows what to do with this threat.

An attack on Bessarabia will only hasten the defeat of Russia

Aleksey Arestovich recalled that the main change in the military-political situation around Ukraine became Russian terrorist activity in the occupied Transnistria on the territory of Moldova.

Today's (we are talking about April 26 – Channel 24) cruise missile attacks on our southern region may indicate Russia's intentions to add the region of Ukrainian Bessarabia to all areas of offensive. The military-political leadership of the state fully understands this threat, is in constant contact with our neighbors, and we know what to do about it,” Arestovich reassured.

The adviser to the head of the Presidential Office told the Russian leadership that such a decision by the Kremlin would accelerate its military defeat and political defeat in the world.

Main news about Pridnestrovie

  • On the morning of April 26, alleged provocations were heard in Pridnestrovie Russia. In particular, the infidels there destroyed the antennas of the center that broadcast Russian radio. Therefore, the President of the country urgently convened the Security Council.
  • On the same day, our intelligence reported that Russia was preparing a missile attack on Transnistria with civilian casualties. Reports about this came on behalf of the “SBU” or “VSU”. However, our Ministry of Defense assured that Ukraine has nothing to do with such provocations.
  • The Pentagon said they did not want to see the spread of war on the territory of Moldova. Moscow stated that the Russian army would get access to Transnistria, where “they also discovered the facts of oppression of the Russian-speaking population.” It should be remembered that, first of all, the Russians need this territory in order to establish a land corridor to the temporarily occupied Crimea.

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