Will be concentrated on Kyiv, – Svitan said what kind of Russian shelling Ukrainians should expect


Will be concentrated on Kyiv, - Svitan said what kind of Russian shelling Ukrainians should expect

Recently, the Russian invaders began to terrorize the Ukrainians with Shahids at night. This is the only thing left for the occupiers, since they have problems with both missiles and launchers.

So, the last massive attacks of the Russians were less, at least 30 missiles. And this means that about 5 enemy launch vehicles could not complete the combat mission or were disabled. This opinion was expressed to Channel 24 by Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, military expert and instructor pilot Roman Svitan.

Russia may reduce the number of missile attacks

In addition, the Russians recently used the Caspian flotilla during massive attacks. This indicates that the invaders are experiencing problems with logistics, and perhaps with the production of missiles.

However, Russia has missiles and it will not run out of them. The aggressor country constantly produces a certain number of new missiles – at least one missile per day. That is, Russians can produce about 30 missiles of various types every month.

In two months, this is already a ready-made wave for a combat mission, so the Russians are likely to reduce the number of missile attacks or stretch out preparations for them, the military expert noted.

According to him, even if the invaders fire all the available missiles, they will be able to launch massive attacks every two months. In addition, they can increase the intensity of shelling through the use of old Soviet missiles, in particular the Kh-22 or Kh-55.

The occupiers will attack Kyiv “shahids”

“They won’t run out of missiles completely, but they can use Shahids to increase the time between attacks,” the colonel of the reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine suggested.

In his opinion, the invaders will use Iranian drones to terrorize Ukraine. And since there are not enough of them for the entire territory of our state and the effect of such attacks will be very small, the Russians will send kamikaze drones to the Ukrainian capital.

So, when the invaders send Iranian drones to different points, it is easier for our air defense system to intercept them. It is much more difficult to shoot them down when they go only to Kyiv. In addition, in this way the invaders will morally put pressure on the Ukrainians.

Swithan added that Shaheeds are contact munitions and will explode on impact with the ground even if they are shot down. So the Russians will perceive the explosions much more emotionally near the capital, and not some, for example, a farm. And Russian propagandists can “disperse” such cases.

That is, the waves will be concentrated mainly on Kyiv and at night, – the military expert emphasized.

He explained that with night attacks, the Russian invaders plan to make it impossible for Ukrainian aviation to work, and therefore to complicate the shooting down of drones.

Svitan suggested that the Russians will actively attack Kyiv: watch the video

Will Russia be able to increase the intensity of drone attacks?

Drones have certain launchers and the intensity of attacks depends on their number and the crew that can serve these launchers. According to Svitan, we could see the maximum number of drones that the Russians could release at one fine moment in the New Year area. Then the task of the invaders was to spoil our holiday as much as possible.

This is the maximum we have seen. Probably, there will be no more – the very quantity in one wave, but this does not reduce the problem, – said the military expert.

However, the Ukrainian defenders have learned to effectively counter this threat. Moreover, according to the Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, our fighters will continue to keep the number of downed enemy drones at the level of 100%.

How long will the Shaheed attacks be?

Ukrainian intelligence reported that Russia received 250 kamikaze drones from Iran. According to Svitan, Russian invaders have already used half of them.

“For several days, most likely, all the holidays, they will try to break through the defense. In general, they will have a task not of a military, but more of a media plan – to show constant movement, our reaction to the shelling of Shahids and some kind of footage. And where it doesn’t work out – to finish painting,” the colonel of the reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine noted.

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