Will clear Russia of mines: what is the powerful robot dog Spot capable of, which goes to Ukraine


It will clear Russia of mines: what is the powerful robot dog Spot capable of when traveling to Ukraine

The Spot Arm robot is designed to save and help/Channel 24 collage

The Spot Arm robot is already known to many. He can run, dance, overcome various obstacles and is more like a cheerful pet. However, in reality, this robot is designed to save and help.

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It can be used to search for people under the rubble, patrol the area, and in some cases even for reconnaissance. The Spot Arm robot is leaving for Ukraine.

On Ukrainian territory, Spot Arm will work to destroy mortar and cluster UXO. To begin with, it will be tested in the Kyiv region. In particular, in places where Russian invaders used to visit.

With the help of a robotic arm, Spot Arm will drag shells to specially designated places for further neutralization.

It will clear mines from Russia: what is the powerful Spot robot dog that goes to Ukraine capable of

The Spot Arm robot will help Ukraine/Photo by Boston Dynamics< /em>

This robot was created in 2018 by the American company Boston Dynamics. Such dogs are used in the US Army to remotely engage in mine clearance. Spot Arm will play a similar role in Ukraine.

The robot can carry loads up to 14 kg. At the same time, the robotic arm itself is capable of lifting a maximum load of 4 kilograms.

Curious! Spot Arm has a camera that transmits an image in 4K resolution. The review is 360 degrees. At the same time, the robot can be controlled both from a special tablet and left to work autonomously.

New release of the “Weapons of Victory” program on channel 24: watch the video

The Spot Arm robot moves at a speed of 6 kilometers per hour. All the same, he easily overcomes various obstacles: stones, stairs, embankments and even crossbars.

The robot can crawl, lie down, run, jump and even turn around on the spot. There are 12 electric drives in the legs of the Spot Arm, which give it such maneuverability. At the same time, cameras and sensors provide terrain analysis. This is how the robot determines where it needs to move next.

An interesting fact about Spot Arm movement: in addition to cameras and a variety of sensors, the robot uses odometry. This is data on the movement of electric drives. In fact, the sensors themselves form a person's proprioception – a sense of the position of the body in space.

Modern technologies, combined with the special design of this robot, make it not only maneuverable, but also ensure its operation in almost any weather conditions.

Pay attention! Spot Arm can perform tasks in minus 20 degrees and even in plus 45 degrees. In standalone mode, the charge lasts for an hour and a half. min-rossii-na-chto-sposobna-moshhnaja-sobaka-robot-spot-kotoraja-edet-v-ukrainu-304393f.jpg” alt=”Will clear mines from Russia: what is the powerful Spot robot dog that rides to Ukraine” />

Spot Arm can perform tasks in different conditions/Photo by Boston Dynamics

Given that the Russian invaders mine the territory of Ukraine and continuously pour shells on Ukrainian soil, many of which never rupture, any help related to mine clearance will be useful to us.

This is because it is a very dangerous, complex and lengthy process. If we have a chance to minimize losses among pyrotechnicians and sappers, even if partially using robots for this, then this chance should definitely be used.

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