Will corruption scandals in Ukraine affect support from the West: a political scientist assessed the situation


Will corruption scandals in Ukraine influence support from the West: a political scientist assessed the situation

Today there have been significant personnel changes in the Ukrainian government. A number of officials left their positions. The day before, Vasily Lozinsky, Deputy Minister for the Development of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine, was detained while receiving a bribe in the amount of 400 thousand dollars.

For our Western partners, this is a signal that the anti-corruption system in Ukraine, finally earned. Political scientist Valery Klochok told Channel 24 about this.

The society was waiting for the reaction of the authorities

he said that some facts of corruption had been known for a long time and the society was waiting for the reaction of the authorities.

Perhaps that is why the European Union was in no hurry to make a decision on the transfer of 18 billion euros to Ukraine and took it only now. The International Monetary Fund stopped its financing program for Ukraine altogether,” he stressed.

The political scientist noted that Ukraine received money by an overwhelming majority through domestic borrowing of bonds and US funding. These were our main sources of income to the budget outside the sources of taxation.

The anti-corruption machine has started working

He noted that recently the National Anti-Corruption Bureau began to work actively, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, which has no head, but even without him, NABU actively detains bribe-takers.

Today, there were also two arrests in Lviv: the head of the territorial recruitment center (Voenkomat) and the head of the LCC, who issued fake certificates for military servicemen to travel abroad,” he said.

In his opinion, all these things are beginning to be exposed.

“The anti-corruption machine that we criticized has now begun to show its work. And most likely on the strong recommendation of our Western partners, which is absolutely fair,” the political scientist believes.

He noted that Western partners are also fixing these changes, and therefore assistance from them will come. The work of the anti-corruption system was hampered by the lack of coordination with existing traditional law enforcement agencies: the Office of the Prosecutor General, the SBU, the State Bureau of Investigation.

“We are finally awaiting court decisions. As for the Ministry of Defense, which purchased food for the army allegedly at inflated prices, we should not talk about stating the facts. This should be established by the court. But there is not so much trust in the judiciary. Therefore, the issue of judicial reform is still on the agenda,” Klochok said.

changes in the Ukrainian authorities: watch the video

During the war, we must maintain the constancy of power

In his opinion, given all this, Western partners will not stop us to help. And, most likely, their wishes were advisory in nature – to pay attention to personnel policy and corruption.

Now there are layoffs. But will they satisfy society? No. Because middle-level officials are being fired. The chairmen are not leaving the heads of departments and ministries, but their deputies. This is not entirely correct at this stage, – said the political scientist.

However, he believes that there is one exception. During the war, we must maintain the constancy of power.

“Today, the authorities were exposed that they worked in such conditions. They cannot continue to work like this – there are a lot of corruption manifestations that come to the surface,” stressed interlocutor.

Valeriy Klochok noted that the authorities' attempt to satisfy the society's demand for satisfaction and justice by dismissing deputy ministers may, to a certain extent, blow off steam, but not for long. The next decision will be the need to make personnel decisions at the level of the head of government, heads of ministries.

Personnel rotation in the Ukrainian authorities

    < li>Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak commented on the rotation in power. In his opinion, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky launched an absolutely fair campaign for political responsibility for certain actions.
  • The European Commission commented on the information about the resignations in Ukraine after media reports of corruption The body said that they took into account the data on the investigation of the facts corruption in Ukraine.
  • Ukraine was shocked by a number of scandals related to corruption, embezzlement of budget funds, etc. This should not affect international assistance to Ukraine from Western partners. However, these situations need to be resolved.

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