Will determine the future, – the head of the European Council said that the next 2-3 weeks will be decisive in the war


The future will be determined, – the head of the European Council said that the next 2–3 weeks will be decisive in the war

The next 2-3 weeks will be decisive for Ukraine and the world as a whole. It is they who will determine the future, because without Ukraine's victory in the war against the aggressor, it is very precarious.

The head of the European Council, Charles Michel, believes that the world cannot leave Ukraine without support in difficult times.


What happens in 2023 and much more depends on the next few weeks – that's what will determine our future. We must be with Ukraine and provide them with all the necessary support. We cannot let them down,” said Charles Michel.

According to him, Ukraine should receive tanks from the West and supports their immediate transfer. Despite the fact that there is a “hot debate” on this issue, including their supply to Germany.

This is a matter of world security

< p>The head of the European Council stressed that for Europe the defeat of Ukraine in the war could become “an extremely dangerous precedent for the future”.

There can be no free and secure Europe without a free and secure Ukraine,” the politician added.

Ukraine needs Leopard 2 tanks

  • Western partners during the new “Rammstein” agreed on a package of military assistance to Ukraine. However, European countries and the US decided not to provide us with Leopard 2 tanks.
  • Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov said that there was also a “closed door” discussion on this issue, so there is still hope. In addition, some countries agreed to start training courses for Ukrainian tank crews to master the Leopard 2.
  • It was said that Germany was waiting for the US to transfer its Abrams tanks to Ukraine, after which Berlin would unlock the supply of Leopard. But Minister Pistorius also denied this information.

Important! The Ministry of Defense noted the results of the meeting, a powerful strengthening of our Armed Forces, the security and defense sector is expected in the future. Ukraine will be supported until it ends this war, having won the long-awaited Victory.

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