Will not be limited to units, – Musienko on the supply of weapons from partners


In units will not be limited, – Musienko on the supply of weapons from partners

Weapons from partners will come in sufficient quantities/Censor.no

Weapons from the allies are already arriving at the positions, this applies to both fire systems and projectiles for them. Now it is important that the supply of weapons acquire a certain momentum and significantly accelerate quantitatively.

Alexander Musiyenko, head of the Center for Military Legal Research, told Channel 24 about this. He also noted that if we are talking about lend-lease, then this aid package is allocated from the $40 billion that were previously voted by the US Congress.

As part of these funds, finances were sent to Ukraine for :

  • arms procurement;
  • military training;
  • support for defense and security capabilities.

All these samples of weapons that are coming to us even now are not lend-lease yet. I hope that we will hear about it sooner, because its purpose is precisely to speed up the provision of weapons and expand the range and range of weapons. Musienko says.

The process of expanding the weapons provided to us has begun, now it is necessary to increase quantitative indicators, the expert says.

“Of course, now there are many forces in the world that are not interested in supplying weapons to Ukraine. The Russians are trying in every possible way to throw information into the information space that we are being supplied with old, unusable weapons,” notes the head of the Center for Military Legal Research.

What will the 40 billion dollars of announced aid from the United States go for

    < li>13.8 billion will go to the Economic Support Fund to help the Ukrainian government do its job;
  • 11 billion will go to weapons and military equipment.
  • 8.7 billion will go to replenish stockpiles of weapons that Ukraine has already received;
  • 6 billion are assigned to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • 4.4 billion will be sent to supply food to Ukraine and other European countries.

According to Musienko, infidels are trying to pump the boat by quantity through Western channels, they say – they will send you a few units and that's it.

“But this is not true, if we take into account the last two months, the number of countries joining the support has increased, as well as the number of weapons they give us,” the expert concludes.

What kind of weapons are so needed soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front

First of all, these are high-precision missiles that are capable of hitting targets at several hundred kilometers. It is also very important to get drones, additional air defense/missile defense systems (air and missile defense) and ammunition.

Head of the President's Office Andriy Yermak additionally highlighted MLRS-270 multiple launch rocket systems . It comes in different modifications: the smallest range is 32 kilometers, the largest is 300 kilometers. It all depends on ammunition.

Previously, the head of the OP emphasized that it was impossible to delay the transfer of weapons. It is capable of saving the lives of both Ukrainian military and civilians. The faster the weapon, the faster the war will end.

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