Will Putin use nuclear weapons and who can talk him out of it: Feigin's response


Will Putin use nuclear weapons and who can talk him out of it: Feigin's answer

Russia has repeatedly threatened Ukraine with the use of nuclear weapons, especially after numerous defeats at the front. Intelligence confirms that such a risk is now very high on the battlefield.

However, Putin may be dissuaded from this. This was told by the Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin. He expressed his opinion on the exclusive stream channel 24.

According to him, we are dealing with an insane person. Therefore, the possibility of a tactical nuclear strike cannot be ruled out. Given the fact that many did not believe that Russia would invade Ukraine on a full scale. So there are risks and they are great.

Therefore, according to Feygin, this type of weapon is the last argument. Before that, he had only the announcement of “partial” mobilization in Russia.

This was his trump card. Why did he show so quickly, if he could still “pull”. So, there was a reason for this, when there was no other way out, – the human rights activist believes.

If there is a nuclear strike, the war will end

However, if Putin decides to use tactical nuclear weapons, he will receive a response from the West. But it is worth considering that he does not fully understand the consequences that await him. He is unpredictable, Feigin believes.

“The consequences will be such that he cannot imagine. Then Putin and Kadyrov will be gone. He is clearly told about this. However, he can use this weapon, I would not began to exclude, but most likely that after that the war will end,” he added.

At the same time, external factors may influence Vladimir Putin. For example, Beijing, led by Xi Jinping, with whom he is afraid of losing India. The Biden administration is also trying to use these countries to contain the Kremlin dictator.

The Pentagon does not believe in Putin's threats with a nuclear strike

The invaders do not get tired of threatening nuclear weapons. However, the Pentagon does not believe that Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin will make such a decision. This was stated by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

He noted that he did not see anything that would indicate that Putin decided to use nuclear weapons.

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