Will Russia be recognized as a terrorist state: an expert assessed the likelihood


Whether Russia is recognized a terrorist state: an expert estimated the probability

Will Russia be recognized as a state sponsoring terrorism/Channel 24 Collage

The US Congress called on the State Department to recognize Russia as a state sponsoring terrorism. However, the Biden administration is hesitant to take such a step.


The White House does not want to miss the opportunity to negotiate with Russia. About this Political scientist Taras Semenyuk told Channel 24

The United States does not want to cut off the channels of negotiations

The United States, including Secretary of State Anthony Blinken , hinder the provision of status. The political scientist explained that such a status would actually cut off all diplomatic channels of negotiations.

Negotiations are ongoing between Russia and the United States. There are certain working diplomatic tracks. Obviously giving Russia a status will stop them. And the states don't want that. I have little faith that the United States can officially recognize Russia as a terrorism-sponsoring state. The reality, precisely in this matter, is somewhat different,” he said.

Concrete things are important to us

According to Semenyuk, we can talk about symbolism, about certain labels that will be hung, and they will impose a negative reputation on Russia. But the key thing for us is the supply of Western weapons.

“It is important that we are given weapons. Obviously, we will cope with this duty on our own. This is the number one issue and the main goal. And symbolism is needed. But we must understand that not everyone in the world can share our opinion and our position on such symbols. Everyone understands this very well – both the president and the government and Minister of Defense Reznikov. They are directly involved in negotiations within the Ramstein platform to obtain new types of weapons,” the political scientist said.

Western weapons work

Western weapons work


As Semenyuk noted, new M-270 installations were recently handed over to Ukraine. Therefore, we see that the process is underway. The political scientist said that he communicates with the military at the front. They say that it has become easier, because the warehouses and rear of the infidels have been knocked out, and they are no longer as aggressive as they used to be.

Foreign weapons that are coming to us, they work and makes the weather along the entire front line. And we can leave the symbolism for a snack, – he concluded.

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