Will Russia strike with tactical nuclear weapons: intelligence assessed the real threat


Will Russia Strike with Tactical Nuclear Weapons: Intelligence Estimated Real Threat

Russia continues to suffer one defeat after another. Therefore, no one excludes that the enemy, driven into a dead end, can launch a nuclear strike. Opinions on this were shared in intelligence.

In a conversation with reporters, Vadim Skibitsky, deputy head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Moscow Region, shared his assumptions. He expressed his opinion on whether the Russians would launch a tactical nuclear strike.

Threat level down

First of all, today the threat and in general the rhetoric of the use of nuclear weapons is not as relevant today as it was in early autumn. This was facilitated by the measures of the international community on nuclear safety, including the reaction of the United States of America, China, and European countries. – Skibitsky emphasized.

He also added that the Ukrainian side constantly monitors everything related to nuclear weapons.This issue arose especially acutely before the start of a full-scale invasion. And there are a number of reasons for this.

One of them is that nuclear weapons carriers are stored in Crimea. Moreover, the occupiers regularly work out the issues of delivering a nuclear warhead. They are also involved in preparing weapons for their possible use.

It should be remembered that they are talking about tactical nuclear weapons manufactured during the Soviet Union.Skibitsky noted that indeed the occupiers managed to extend the service life. At the same time, the combat charge was not even tested on Iskanders, as well as Calibers.

But with all that, everyone understands that Putin has nuclear weapons. And Moscow uses this asone of the elements of pressure and intimidation,” he stressed.

Skibitsky stressed that nuclear weapons in Russia are one of the elements of deterrence. And if we talk about the use of tactical nuclear weapons, thenit will not solve the main strategic problem of the enemy.

Nuclear blackmail will not work

  • Let's start with why Russia continues nuclear blackmail. According to Russian opposition leader Dmitry Gudkov, the Kremlin is doing this to intimidate Western leaders. And to some extent it works, because they still cannot agree on the issue of providing tanks to Ukraine.
  • At the same time, political scientist Andrei Vigirinsky stressed that the allies are providing us with assistance without taking into account Russian threats. So the connection between nuclear blackmail and delay in the supply of tanks is not worth looking for.
  • Former SBU officer Ivan Stupak noted that Russia can launch a nuclear strike, but not against Ukraine. It is based on the reflections of the journalist Christ Grozev. The latter said that Putin could target Poland.
  • At the same time, US politician Yuri Rashkin stressed that Russia's nuclear threats would not save Putin's regime. He noted that the dictator received “hands” not only from the United States and Western allies. Even China and India opposed the use of nuclear weapons.

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