Will the change of NATO Secretary General affect aid to Ukraine: forecast of the OP


Will the change of NATO Secretary General affect aid to Ukraine: OP forecast

There has been information in the media that Jens Stoltenberg, who has been NATO Secretary General since 2014, does not want to extend his term and already in October of this year will make them. The Office of the President spoke on this matter.

Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak, on the air of the telethon, noted that Jens Stoltenberg takes an “extremely positive position” in the Russian-Ukrainian war. Channel 24 writes about this.

Podolyak spoke about potential candidates

Podolyak noted that Stoltenberg absolutely understands “the nature of this war”, he “sets the accents accurately and correctly. The representative of the Presidential Office also noted that the NATO Secretary General constantly emphasizes that the countries belonging to the Alliance should support Ukraine.

He definitely says that Russia must lose. And for this you need to do everything necessary. That is, today he is such a driving force that helps Ukraine quickly receive both certain consultations and certain necessary coordination actions to provide weapons,” Podolyak said.

Pay attention! According to Politico, they are considering several names of European officials who can replace Stoltenberg. Among them are Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Estonian Prime Minister Kaia Kallas and British Defense Minister Ben Wallace.

Podolyak stressed that all of the listed candidates speak of their pro-Ukrainian position. He does not think that there will be any fundamental changes in NATO.

“Change in NATO's position is impossible to foresee, because there is a concrete understanding of how this war should end,” Podolyak stressed.

According to the adviser to the head of the OP, a lot of resources have been invested in the war, which indicates that this is a war not between Russia and Ukraine, but between the democratic world and between the concept of authoritarian domination professed by Russia.

Stoltenberg is going to leave the post of NATO Secretary General

  • A number of media have stated that Jens Stoltenberg may remain in the post of NATO Secretary General. However, the Alliance claims that his term will end in October, as planned.
  • Welt, citing sources, said that there is a certain unofficial agreement among 30 NATO member countries to extend Stoltenberg's term of office until April 2024. Officially, his term of office should expire on September 30.
  • The publication said that they want to make such a decision because of Stoltenberg's “outstanding achievements for NATO”, including against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, and to guarantee “stability in head of the Alliance in difficult times.”
  • A representative of Stoltenberg denied this information. She explained that the official's mandate had been continued three times since 2014. So Stoltenberg will step down as NATO Secretary General in October, as planned, and does not intend to seek another extension.

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