Will the explosions on the Crimean bridge change the situation at the front: the opinion of an observer


Will the explosions on the Crimean bridge change the situation on the front: an observer's opinion

The explosion and damage to the Crimean bridge will also lead to a significant deterioration in the logistics of Russian troops. As a result, this will also affect the fronts of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Damage to the bridge will definitely not remain without consequences, but their scale will be noticeable only with time. Military observer Denis Popovich spoke about this on Channel 24.

The explosion on the Crimean bridge worsened logistics

The capacity of the automobile part of the bridge has halved. Indeed, as can be seen from the published footage, one of the spans of the Crimean bridge collapsed as a result of the explosion.

I understand that now the movement is in reverse mode. That is, one stream goes, and the other skips. This happens when roads are being repaired,” Denis Popovich explained.

Therefore, since a significant part of the Russian army grouping received supplies through the Crimea, and supplies were delivered there through this bridge, there should be corresponding consequences.

The specialist is convinced that Ukraine should take this opportunity and try to continue the offensive on Kherson bridgehead.

The situation at the front

Against the background of bright explosions in the Kerch Strait, on the front line in recent days absolute information silence. The expert believes that this may be due to the regrouping of forces and preparations for further offensive actions.

We have in mind primarily the Lugansk and Kherson directions. Perhaps the increase in the daily number of liquidated Russian soldiers is due to the fact that they continue to attempt offensive operations in the Bakhmut direction. – notes a military observer.

They say that they continue unsuccessful attempts to storm the Ukrainian positions, and then suffer significant losses.

Explosion on the Crimean bridge:

  • “Cotton” in the Kerch Strait happened on the night of September 8th. As a result of the explosion, one span of the automobile part of the bridge collapsed, and more than a kilometer of track on the railway part was damaged.
  • It was this track that was the key artery for supplying the Russian army grouping, which was actively fighting in the mainland South of Ukraine. This can significantly disrupt their combat capability.
  • American analysts believe that the Kremlin plans to scapegoat the Ministry of Defense headed by Sergei Shoigu for the explosion.

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