Will the residents of the Kharkiv region be evacuated: the chairman of the OVA spoke about the grounds


Will the residents of Kharkiv region be evacuated: the chairman of the UVA spoke about the grounds

< p _ngcontent-sc86="" class="news-annotation">Compulsory evacuation of the population is possible in the Kharkiv region – at present, local authorities have already identified settlements regarding which such a decision can be made.

Mandatory evacuation is possible in three communities

This was announced by the head of the regional military administration Oleg Sinegubov during a telethon, Channel 24 reports. According to him, the local authorities have already determined the procedure for evacuation if necessary.

This is the Zolochivskaya community, this is the Dergachevskaya community, this is the Chuguevsky district, in particular the city of Chuguev. We have identified those people who will be able to evacuate with their own vehicles, those people whom we will be able to evacuate by buses, and those who will need special vehicles,” said Sinegubov.

The grounds for mandatory evacuation of the population:

  • the risk of the settlement falling into the zone of active hostilities,
  • the environment of the village,
  • damage to critical infrastructure, as a result of which houses will be left without heating.

The head of the OVA assured that so far there are no grounds for mandatory evacuation of the population in the Kharkiv region.

I emphasize again: so far there are grounds for mandatory there is no evacuation in the Kharkiv region from those territories controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” Sinegubov said.

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