Will there be enough gas to heat the homes of Ukrainians: the Ministry of Energy gave a forecast for this winter


Will there be enough gas to heat Ukrainians? class=This heating season will be very difficult for Ukraine. However, the Ministry of Energy says that there should be enough gas for domestic consumption.


Lana Zerkal, adviser to the Minister of Energy of Ukraine, spoke about how the heating season will pass in wartime. She noted that she could not say that even central heating would not have enough gas.

They can limit businesses using gas as a raw material

For a business that uses gas as a feedstock – for example, for the production of chemical fertilizers – we now have a surplus of chemical fertilizers. If we have an excess of fertilizers now, then perhaps it will not be problematic for this industry if they are limited in the consumption of natural gas,” Zerkal emphasized.

The adviser to the head of the Ministry of Energy noted that, first of all, it is important to determine what is critical for the winter period. Europeans are now going to restrict gas. However, they make sure that households do not spend more gas than they needed.

Europeans also limit gas consumption

This has already been done, for example, by the same Hungarians. They determined the so-called “shelves” that before such consumption, the cost of gas is one, and if you want more, then your cost of gas increases by orders of magnitude. – explained the adviser to the minister.

Consumers, says Zerkal, pay very little for gas – less than the whole of Europe. Parliament has not yet allowed the price increase. At the same time, Ukrainians can be conscious and save gas. This is important not only because of the difficult heating season, but also because of the principle of a conscious attitude to energy carriers.

Heating season 2022-2023: latest news

  • The government says that the state of readiness for the heating season is almost 60%. If we are talking about networks – 57%, about heat supply facilities – 58%.
  • According to Denis Shmyhal, 141 heat supply facilities and 2 thermal power plants have already been repaired. All of them suffered during the shelling.
  • UAH 1.4 billion was allocated to create a reserve stock of equipment. This is in case the infrastructure is damaged.

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