Wimbledon betting fraud? Two matches under suspicion


Wimbledon betting fraud? Two matches under suspicion


A spokesman for the ITIA confirmed a corresponding report in the newspaper “Die Welt” on Saturday. There have been two such indications. All such reports to the ITIA would be taken very seriously, assessed and appropriately followed up. Details about affected games and professionals were not given.

It was also unclear whether there was suspicion of fraud or other causes leading to the information. In recent years, tennis professionals, especially from the lower regions of the world rankings, have repeatedly been punished for manipulation or attempts to do so. Long bans and fines were imposed.

In Grand Slam tournaments such as Wimbledon, there are seldom anomalies, rather tournaments of the lower category where there is less prize money to be earned are targeted. However, at the French Open in Paris, a tennis player was recently taken into custody on suspicion of corruption and gang fraud

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