Windows 11: the first screenshots of the new operating system appeared

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Windows 11: the first screenshots of the new operating system appeared

Microsoft recently hinted that it will soon be talking about the future of Windows. And finally, the first leaks of information appeared, which allegedly show pictures and videos of the early version of Windows 11 – an article with many screenshots of the new platform was published on The Verge website.

Of course, such rumors should be treated with caution. Information from them may be fake. But if these images and videos really show the image of the future Windows 11, we can now make a comparison with Windows 10. So, most likely, in Windows 11 there will be some changes in the familiar design of the Microsoft operating system.

Windows 11: new look of the operating system

The biggest change in the system is immediately visible. In Windows 11, the taskbar is likely to move to the center. The left side will remain completely free, while the right side will still be the system tray with notification panels.

If you don't like this design, you shouldn't immediately write off Windows 11. As the other menu pictures show, the taskbar can be moved to the left.

The Windows 11 Start menu no longer has tiles. Instead, only application icons are visible. The power button has moved to the bottom right of the screen, and the search bar is now at the top.

Windows — for example in Explorer — are now rounder and more modern in appearance. In addition, most likely there will be a function to reduce windows to certain sizes or dock them in specified areas of the screen.

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