Windows found aggressive ads

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Windows found aggressive ads

In new versions of Windows 10, annoying ads for the Edge browser will appear. This is reported by the Windows Latest edition.

The innovation was found in beta versions of the next build of the operating system from Microsoft. The authors of the article discovered a banner that encouraged users to try the new Microsoft Edge browser: “Get even more from Windows.” An advertisement message appeared in the computer settings window, thus the sections “System”, “Devices”, “Network and Internet” and others were slightly shifted below.

Another banner appears accidentally while working at a computer. The ads, which journalists described as aggressive, take up most of the screen. The banner suggests “use the recommended browser settings”. If the user agrees with the system's recommendation, the Edge browser will be installed and enabled as a default web browser on the computer. A shortcut to the program will appear on the desktop and on the taskbar.

Journalists noticed that such advertising occurs only if Google Chrome, Firefox or another third-party program is installed as the default browser. “The user can close the banner, but the pop-up window will appear again,” the authors emphasized.

According to the agency NetMarketShare, Internet Explorer and Edge share the browser market at 5.57 percent and 10.22 percent, respectively. Earlier, Microsoft added a file to the Internet Explorer browser that prohibits navigation to many popular sites on the Internet. Experts noted that this was done with the goal of getting users to ditch the legacy program in favor of Edge.

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