Windows users will be inundated with ads for a new browser

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Windows users will be inundated with ads for a new browser

More ads for Microsoft products will appear on Windows. This is reported by the Windows Latest edition.

The journalists studied the latest OS updates and noticed the appearance of several banners offering to try Microsoft products and services. Some banners appear when installing cumulative system updates, but most of them appear on the desktop when you turn on your computer. The authors emphasized that advertising from Microsoft literally floods the user with messages.

The first advertisement appears in the OS settings, where the company offers to try new products and “enjoy all the features of Windows.” If you click on the “Forward” button, a window will open in full screen, which cannot be minimized or closed. On it, the owner of the licensed copy will be asked to enable Windows Hello, connect a smartphone to the system, use a free Office subscription, and install a new browser.

The second banner recommends switching to the new Edge browser, which will replace the outdated Microsoft Explorer. At the same time, journalists noticed that the message appears even if Edge is already installed on the system. In the third message, which also takes up the entire computer screen, the user is prompted to subscribe to Office, offering a 50 percent discount or a free period of one month.

Reporters noticed that sometimes ads can be closed by choosing the “No thanks” option. In some cases, the announcements cannot be missed, but you can click on the “Remind me in 3 days” button. In this case, the advertising notification will appear after three days.

Aggressive ads on Windows began to appear in November. Journalists suggested that in this way Microsoft intends to transfer users to the new Edge browser and increase the base of paid subscribers to office programs.

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