With a baby in her arms: a naked Femen activist staged a rally under the president’s Office

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С ребенком на руках: оголенная активистка Femen устроила акцию под Офисом президента

On Thursday, January 27, a Femen activist staged a picket in Kiev. She came under the president’s Office with a child and undressed.

The woman from Kiev demanded that the authorities cancel the order on mandatory military registration for women, and also that their forced mobilization in case of war should not be carried out.

Femen emphasizes that women still do not have equal rights with men, and therefore equal responsibilities cannot be assigned to them.

– None of us started wars! None of us stole from the army! None of us should die! – the activist claims.

Earlier it was reported that a petition on the cancellation of the order of the Ministry of Defense on the military registration of women gained the votes necessary for consideration by the president.

The head of State, Vladimir Zelensky, appealed to Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov with a request to revise the list of women who decided to take on military registration.

In December 2021, the Ministry of Defense expanded the list of specialties and professions, which provides for the military registration of women aged 18 to 60 years. The updated list includes women of almost all professions.

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