With shame and losses, they fled from Liman and stand on the highway: whining “mobiks” from the pseudo-republic


Fled away from Liman in disgrace and loss and standing on the highway: whining mobs from the pseudo-republic

Mobilized from the fake republic in Luhansk since September 30, they have been standing on the highway near Shchastia. The military leadership of the aggressor state does not let them into the unit.

After leaving Liman, the invaders remained on the highway. They stand there for at least 3 days and complain that they were abandoned.

The mobilized have huge losses

The military from the so-called LPR said that they were ordered to move from Drobyshevo to Liman. However, when they entered Liman, there was no one left there, and the “mobiks” themselves had no ammunition.

The Russian military had already left the city by that time, and their wounded “comrades” were left to die on street. So the residents of the Luhansk region decided to take them with them.

Mobiki complain about the Russian military leadership: video

Now the mobilized are standing on the highway near Shchastya and complaining that they were “leaked” and abandoned. The occupiers whine that all the artillery left Liman, and they remained on their own and “survived hell.” Now, from the whole so-called 222nd motorized rifle battalion, 193 people and several pieces of equipment are left, and these are mostly ordinary KamAZ trucks.

Our leadership does not consider it necessary to provide us with water, warm clothes, sleeping bags, etc. Constantly threatened with prosecution. We handed over the weapons, – said the “mobiles”.

They survive on what the locals bring. They complain that the Russian leadership has not been paying them money for several months.

Where is Drobyshivo located, where did the “mobiles” come from/Deep State Map

AFU liberated Liman: briefly

  • On September 30, the Armed Forces of Ukraine surrounded the invaders in Liman, before liberating many neighboring settlements.
  • The next day, our military entered city, and a day later, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that Liman had already been de-occupied.
  • On September 3, the settlement was completely cleared of the invaders.

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