Work in Poland in the summer: where and how much Ukrainians can earn

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Work in Poland in the summer: where and how much Ukrainians can earn

Ukrainian refugees forced to leave Ukraine and temporarily move to Poland are offered a lot of various jobs for the summer. How much you can earn and where you can read in the material

In Poland, there are more vacancies for the summer for refugees from Ukraine, because employers have already adapted to demand and new realities. We invite you to find out what kind of work in Poland they offer in the summer on the resource EuropeService.and how much Ukrainians can earn.


A large number of factories operate in Poland, where they constantly need “working hands”. Packer of goods is one of the most popular vacancies. Not only men, but also women are hired here. Payment depends on the type of product. For example, for a package of sweets they pay from PLN 3,300/month (about UAH 21,700).

Working in a restaurant

In the neighboring country, fast food establishments are very popular, and therefore workers are always welcome here. Most often, workers are hired to cook or clean the premises. A woman or a man up to 60 years old can be hired for the position. You will have to work from Monday to Saturday, and the shift lasts 8-12 hours. Payment on hand – PLN 16/hour (about 105 UAH).

A worker in a supermarket

For example, Biedronka supermarket, popular in Poland, hires people. Responsibilities are quite simple: complete the order, put the goods on the shelves, check the expiration dates. Candidates of women and men under the age of 55 are considered. Wages PLN 16/hour (about UAH 105), you need to work from Monday to Saturday for 8-12 hours.

Team worker

A vacancy for Ukrainians in Poland for the summer is quite common. Responsibilities: accept the goods and be responsible for them, send goods to online stores (pack, scan, quality control, etc.). Jobs are most often offered to women under the age of 50. The shift lasts 10-12 hours, and the payment is from PLN 15 to 19 per hour (about UAH 98-125).

Laboratory assistants

If you know Polish (at least a basic level), you can apply for this vacancy. The duties of a laboratory assistant are complex: quality control and analysis of building materials. They hire women and men even with incomplete higher education and work experience in a similar position. Changes up to 8 hours, extra pay for overtime work. The salary is PLN 3,300 (about UAH 21,700) per month.

Machine operator for production

Factories in Poland need workers to dismantle and assemble starters, generators, compressors. They also take workers who will monitor the quality and operation of machines, sort waste, etc. They hire men, but they can also hire a woman under the age of 55. They pay for such work from PLN 2,700/month (UAH 17,800), but there are bonuses and surcharges for night shifts or overtime work. Changes last for 8 hours.


Ukrainian women who worked as nurses or midwives in Ukraine get similar jobs in Poland. Indeed, in this country a significant outflow of medical personnel is recorded. Yuizhenka women are officially paid as “persons providing nursing care.” Subsequently, they can get a conditional right and opportunity to work in the field of medical care and become nurses.

Seasonal jobs

Summer jobs are always quite popular in Poland. People for agricultural work are hired very willingly. They take women and men under the age of 45 and in excellent health. Work shifts last 10-12 hours, payment – PLN 15/hour. (about 98 UAH) and bonuses depending on the amount of cleaning.

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