Worked for the FSB: SBU detained a traitor who was preparing terrorist attacks against Ukrainian pilots


Worked for the FSB: SBU detained a traitor who was preparing terrorist attacks against Ukrainian pilots

An FSB agent was detained in Kharkiv, who was preparing terrorist attacks against Ukrainian pilots and special forces. Now he is being held in custody.

The traitor was engaged in the preparation of terrorist attacks against the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine located on the territory of Kharkov. Now he faces imprisonment.

Ukrainian prepared terrorist attacks against our defenders

The attacker followed the Ukrainian defenders, tried to establish their places of deployment, as well as routes of movement. The enemy had special attention in relation to military pilots, commanders of special forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and employees of the SBU.

As a result, law enforcement officers detained the traitor while trying to transfer intelligence information to the aggressor.

At the same time, an enemy cache with explosives, which the enemy planned to use to carry out terrorist attacks, was found near one of the houses where Ukrainian servicemen live, the SBU said.

The perpetrator turned out to be a resident of Kharkov, who was recruited by an FSB officer in the Belgorod region in November 2022, Salitsev A.P. A relative of the traitor living in Russia helped in the recruitment.

“In addition to spying on the Ukrainian defenders, the attacker performed enemy tasks to identify disguised enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine. The occupiers needed the coordinates of strategic objects to carry out targeted missile strikes on the city,” the law enforcers noted.

A traitor was detained in Kharkiv / SBU photo

What threatens the traitor

The SBU has already informed the detainee about the suspicion under the article on high treason committed under martial law. The perpetrator is currently in custody. The investigation is ongoing.

Traitors exposed in Ukraine

  • Recently, the SBU visited the apartment of a Transcarpathian blogger, which probably incited sectarian strife. Yes, the man called the Orthodox Church of Ukraine a sectarian organization, insisting that it was non-canonical and illegal.
  • The adviser of the mayor of Ochakov of the Nikolaev region is suspected of committing high treason. He, at the direction of the Russians, tried to recruit the mayor to surrender the city.
  • The SBU also exposed a Russian agent in the Sumy region. It turned out to be the rector of the local church of the UOC-MP, who handed over secret data on the defense of the region to the Russian FSB.

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