World experts have chosen the best vaccine against COVID-19 – Russian scientists disagree

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World experts have chosen the best vaccine against COVID-19 - Russian scientists disagree

The Russian vaccine did not become the leader.

At the 2021 World Vaccine Congress, which took place on May 5, the best drug for COVID-19 was announced. It was the vaccine of the American company Moderna.

But here is the director of the Center. Gamalei Alexander Gunzburg finds such a decision controversial. The expert noted that it is not clear by what parameters the vaccines were evaluated.

Considering the high mortality rate from RNA-containing vaccines and from the drug AstraZeneca, which, by the way, is also high, but much less than that of RNA-containing vaccines. Such a strange decision, on what it was based, on what specific objective indicators, is, in any case, unclear to me,

By the way, Sputnik V got into the shortlist of the nomination. But it was not he who received the high assessment of world exports, but the vaccine developed by the American company Pfizer together with its German partner BioNTech.

Recall that the mass vaccination against coronavirus began with the drug “Sputnik V” from the Gamaleya Center. The Russian vaccine became the first registered in the world. The developers estimated the effectiveness of the drug at 91.4%, and for the severe course of the disease – 100%.

The Sputnik Light vaccine has been registered today.

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