World of Warships Blitz has one of the largest updates of the year

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World of Warships Blitz has one of the largest updates of the year

World of Warships Blitz, the most popular arcade online naval battle simulator, has received one of the biggest updates of the year, thanks to which the game now has a completely new look! In update 4.4, the interface in the Port, battles and Arsenal was redesigned.

A new map for ranked battles – Blue Front – has also become available. It is designed to be played on Tier VIII – X ships in the “Supremacy” mode. The map has four control zones, among which are small horseshoe-shaped and tip-shaped islands located opposite each other and separated by a large island.

Players will also be able to immerse themselves in the new Bank game event, which allows them to accumulate Silver, XP and Gold after each victory in special game modes and in ranked battles. The Bank can store two types of savings. When the amount of silver, gold or experience reaches the first mark, the player can take everything that has been accumulated in the Bank at the moment. Upon reaching the second mark, the Bank stores the maximum amount of savings.

In honor of the update, together with World of Warships Blitz, we will give away 20 codes with nice bonuses for both beginners and seasoned captains. Each code includes a Tier V battleship October Revolution, 7 days of Premium account and 1,000,000 silver. Follow our announcements in the official Vkontakte and Instagram groups.

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