Worse than in films about the apocalypse: a sensitive story of a displaced person from Kharkov who lost her business


Worse than in the films about the apocalypse: a sensitive story of a displaced person from Kharkov who lost her business

The story of a woman from Kharkov who lost her business due to the war/Collage 24 channel

Oksana is 53 years old and she comes from near Kharkov. She has lived there with her husband, children and grandchildren for as long as she can remember. She had a successful family business – furniture. However, the war caught up with her. Russian occupiers bombed to the ground the work of a lifetime, so the woman had to move to Lvov. And start all over again.


  • 1″I couldn't sleep for 1.5 months because of the sounds of war”: Oksana about departure from Kharkiv to Lviv
  • 2Like in films about the apocalypse: how people live in Kharkiv during constant shelling
  • 3For the first month there was nowhere to get food
  • 4″Business burned down, nothing left”: the occupiers destroyed the work of a lifetime
  • 5In Lviv, Oksana gradually starts a new life
  • 6″People live under serious shelling, because they get used to everything”
  • 7″After the victory, I will cry, she would hurry”

OWN. Stories of those who left to return

Despite constant shelling, lack of food and nights in the basement, Oksana remained in the city for another three months after the start of a full-scale war that Russia began. However, she admitted, psychologically she could no longer stand it. Oksana's story, about the changes in her life, about what she wants more and what she plans to do next – read in the project of channel 24 SVOI.

The war found Oksana, like everyone else – at home on the bed. Her daughter called her because she heard enemy shells flying very loudly on Saltovka, although this area of ​​​​Kharkov is relatively far from the woman’s house. However, every creepy sound was heard well.

Daughter called, said, “Mom, it's already started.” I didn't record what I felt. But good is not enough. Fear, apparently, says Oksana.

The woman has been in Lviv for about a month. However, she did not want to move until the very end. Then she got on a train and went to her daughter.

“I realized that I could not sleep for 1.5 months. Because of the sounds. The internal state, psychological, was difficult,” she explained .

Kharkov is shelled almost every day. Why were you there until the last moment and only now decided to move?

They shoot at Kharkov all the time. Not a day went by without shooting. They shoot both at night and during the day. Quiet does not happen. Absolutely.

But people live there. And they live in areas that are hard to imagine.If you've watched apocalypse movies, this is where it is.Basement, devastation. There is nothing good there yet. It will, perhaps, but not now. A little later, when they stop shooting.

Worse than in the films about the apocalypse: a sensitive story of a displaced person from Kharkov who lost her business

The terrible consequences of the shelling in Kharkov/Photo by the Ministry of Internal Affairs

We, too, at first constantly hid in the cellar. We slept there at night so as not to run back and forth. They put a fishing cot there, put sleeping bags. All. What to do?

What was the situation with food, gas in Kharkov? How did you even manage to be in such conditions when they were constantly shooting?

The first month was really bad. There were no deliveries. In our village, it was not very good with humanitarian aid, unfortunately. There was help, but very little, poorly reached.

The guys there are great. Frozen thighs were handed out. People took and ate. Then everything got better. Supplies too.

It's all good. All is well, as long as there is no war. Everything would be fine.

We also had no gas for some time, because the occupiers got into the gas pipeline. Our services liquidated everything very quickly, maybe in three days. And our light “jumped” even in good times.

In general, life is normal. If only there was no war. No work, no peace.

Is your family with you now?

Almost the entire family has left. The children have left, the grandchildren have left. A daughter-in-law with her granddaughter in Krakow, another daughter-in-law with her grandson in Belgium. Guys – who is where, one volunteers, others work. The husband stayed in Kharkov, at home.

Something like that. That is OK. I think everything will be fine. Just need to wait a bit.

Worse than in films about the apocalypse: a sensitive story of a displaced person from Kharkov who lost her business

People still live in Kharkov/Photo from social networks

Unfortunately, you have lost your business. How did it happen?

There was a business, they kept their own shop. Have been in the furniture business for many years. It was a favorite business, our whole family was engaged in it.

But what can happen during a war with business? Burned out. The rocket came and everything. Burned out. It was April 7th. Nothing left. Absolutely.

The first thing I thought was to start over. But let's survive. Let's wait a bit. And then it will be seen further.

After everything the woman went through, she decided to move to Lvov. Daughter Nastya has been living there since April. She says that she waited until the last and did not plan to stay for a long time. However, Oksana realized that now she feels safe and cannot go back yet. Now she is much calmer.

Therefore, Oksana decided not to hesitate and became registered in order to receive documents, now she is waiting for help from the state. In addition, they helped her find a job in a new house – in a furniture store, since “there is nowhere to work in Kharkiv” . He admits that he cannot sit still and wants to be something useful.

Worse than in the films about the apocalypse: a sensitive story of a displaced person from Kharkov who lost her business

Many houses in Kharkov are broken, there are no jobs/Photo by LiveKharkov

< h3 class="anchor-link" id="People chirp all the time" name="People chirp all the time">“People live under heavy shelling because they get used to everything”

Like this listen to explosions every day? Why do people stay?

People stay because there is a house. A person really gets used to everything. Many people living under heavy shelling say: “Nothing, it's normal, well, it was a little loud. Well, it flew in 40 meters from home, but it's not scary.” They patched up and live on.

It's impossible to explain right away. Many of my acquaintances still live in Kharkov in shelled areas. Remained there. Many have even returned.

Kharkiv was liberated from the Nazis in World War II, it will happen again soon.

And I will stay here (in Lviv – Channel 24) for a while. And then you will see further. Everything will depend on reports from the front line. Maybe soon we will celebrate some holiday in Kharkov. We have August 23 – the day of the city. We were then liberated from the Nazis. Maybe it will be like this now too?

I think maybe there won't be such heavy shelling, something will remain there, you will also come to see Kharkiv.

Worse than in films about the apocalypse: a sensitive story of a displaced person from Kharkov who lost her business

Consequences of the shelling of Kharkov Saltovka/Photo by Konstantin and Vlada Liberov

What can you say to people who are afraid to leave their parents' homes and move to safer places? What would you advise them?

If you have children, be sure to move so as not to injure their psyche. Let adults choose for themselves. And I tell everyone, just like on Facebook there is such a reaction “hold on”, so we just hold on and all together we are waiting for victory.

Everyone has a hectic life now. A lot has changed for everyone.

What will you do after the victory?

I don't know yet, maybe I'll even breed bees. People need to eat honey. It's sweet to be in life. Actually, I don't plan anything. Let us first let the night pass quietly and the morning come. Now all plans are short-term. We don't know what will happen tomorrow. Nobody knows.

What are you going to do first?

I'll probably cry. It's 100%. And then, how will it go. Here are our guys very sorry. God forbid they beat the enemies. I'd rather…

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