Worst time in Earth history named

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Worst time in Earth history named

Worst time in Earth history named

Scientists have named the period when conditions on Earth were the most unfavorable. It began 252 million years ago, according to Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Volcanoes became the “culprits” of the cataclysm. Due to global eruptions lasting hundreds and thousands of years, the Earth's climate has changed. New studies have shown that these volcanoes were located in Siberia, but the consequences of the eruptions affected the entire globe.

A large amount of toxic substances got into the atmosphere and into the ocean. As a result, the Great Permian Extinction began, which is considered the largest in the entire history of the Earth. It is estimated that more than 95% of aquatic and more than 70% of terrestrial species then disappeared.

Scientists noted that many of the processes that took place then are already beginning to repeat themselves today. Thus, sea waters begin to “bloom” – agricultural runoff and fertilizers enter them, which are a source of food for toxic algae. These microorganisms pull oxygen out of the water and create large dead zones.

In addition, the carbon footprint remains unfavorable. Even the pandemic could not fundamentally change the situation, since the drop in emissions was short-lived.

Experts warn that if negative trends are not stopped, the consequences for the Earth's ecosystems could be extremely serious. Previously, experts calculated the worst year in human history. It turned out to be 536 AD. Then a cloud of ash from volcanic eruptions covered the Sun for several months. A global cold snap, crop failures and hunger began.

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