WSG Tirol – LASK: No winner, but lots of entertainment at Tivoli


In a lively game with celebrities in the audience, the Linzers awarded the match point shortly before the end.

WSG Tirol - LASK: No winner, but lots of entertainment at Tivoli

Couple stumbling: Alexander Schmidt (LASK, left) and Thanos Petsos

It wasn't that long ago that football games with the participation of WSG Tirol were real boring. In her first season in the Bundesliga, watching sometimes hurt, the ball was played so badly. In the meantime, appearances by the Tyroleans are of great entertainment value, and the prominent onlookers Stanislaw Tschertschessow (former Russian team boss) and Helmut Schulte (ex-Rapid sports director) were also able to make sure of that.

The home side showed zero respect for LASK and caused great problems for the Linz defense in the first 45 minutes, especially with the wide balls. After nine minutes, Klassen ran to LASK goalie Schlager alone, but failed, the margin ended up on the pole.

Similar scene in minute 27, when Anselm also appeared in front of Schlager, but the goalkeeper was able to clear it again. A minute later, Schlager was also powerless: Anselm left Maresic like a beginner – after his perfect pass, Vrioni only had to push the ball over the line – 1-0 (28th).

LASK also had its chances before the break, WSG goalie Ozegovic saved twice against Schmidt (12th, 44th), once Petsos cleared the line (20th).

After changing sides, when LASK trainer Thalhammer left the completely overwhelmed Maresic in the dressing room, Linz took over command. The equalization was a matter of time: Karamoko was there after 60 minutes – 1: 1. The Frenchman also had the match point on his foot in the finish, but missed the goal from a few meters (86th). LASK has been waiting for a win against WSG for over a year.

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