Xenophobic? Van Gaal criticizes FC Barcelona


Xenophobic? Van Gaal criticizes FC Barcelona

Louis van Gaal

FC Barcelona is in crisis – but who is to blame? Netherlands team boss Louis van Gaal raises serious allegations against the Catalans.

The bond coach is angry that Barca coach Ronald Koeman and midfielder Frenkie de Jong are in the crossfire of criticism. Stepping out in defense of his compatriots, he said: “History repeats itself, it's typical of Barcelona. If everything is going well and you are doing your part, as Frenkie de Jong is doing, then there is nothing to worry about.”

But: “When things don't go so well, Barcelona tend to blame the team's foreigners. In that case, it's the coach.” Van Gaal hopes Koeman can survive the difficult phase with the Spaniards: “I would advise him not to pay too much attention to it and read. This is the way things are going at Barcelona.”

Recently, the number of voices calling for Koeman to be replaced has increased. But for now he is still sitting on the bench. Barcelona President Joan Laporta expressed his confidence in the coach ahead of the international break.

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