Xi Jinping Avoids Communicating with Putin, Researcher Explains Medvedev's Visit to China


Xi Jinping avoids communication with Putin, researcher explains Medvedev's visit to China< /p>

Russia sent the head of the United Russia political party, Dmitry Medvedev, to Beijing to deliver a message to the Chinese leader . Everyone wonders why Vladimir Putin himself did not go? Experts explain that in fact, Xi Jinping has been avoiding communication with the head of the Kremlin for the past month and a half.

About thisChannel 24said international journalist and member of the board of the Ukrainian Association of Sinology Oleksiy Koval. He noted that there is information that Putin in recent weeks has sought at least a phone call with Xi Jinping. .

But there is also information that China has avoided contact with Putin for the past six months. This was especially important before Xi Jinping's meeting with Joe Biden in Bali, so as not to damage this, Koval said.

He added that so far Putinafter criticizing the head of the Kremlin about nuclear threats.

“In fact, Xi Jinping said clearly – he wants the war to end as soon as possible. This was the last message from the Chinese leader – Russian,” the researcher noted.

The expert suggests that this is why the Russian side chose Medvedev for a visit to China, this happened through an inter-party dialogue.

Using this format, Medvedev simply handed over a letter from Putin, in which he congratulated Xi Jinping on his victory. There is evidence that there is an invitation for Xi Jinping to visit Russia next year in the spring,” Koval explained.

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In his opinion, Xi Jinping's consent or refusal to visit Russia will depend on the situation on the Ukrainian front. “The leader of China will not support Putin as a loserIf he sees that Russia will lose, he will not go to support and help him. Then China will avoid close contacts with Russia,” he added.

The researcher noted that this was an unofficial visit by Medvedev, but more like a working trip and a dialogue between the two parties.

What is known about the meeting between Xi Jinping and Medvedev

  • The meeting took place in the state residence in Beijing. During his meeting with Jinping, Medvedev conveyed a “message” from Putin.
  • Medvedev immediately reported on his visit, noting that during it interaction between the ruling parties of the two In addition, they did not forget the topic of partnership between China and Russia in a number of areas, and, of course, there were mentions of the war in Ukraine.
  • According to political scientist and sociologist Igor Eidman, the trip puppets of Vladimir Putin to Beijing is partly a “response” to the visit of Vladimir Zelensky to the United States.

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