Xi Jinping goes to Putin: the date of the visit is already known


Xi Jinping goes to Putin: the date of the visit is already known

Chinese leader Xi Jinping will visit the terrorist state. He will meet with dictator Vladimir Putin soon.

The Kremlin has already announced Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow. He will arrive on March 20-22. This is reported by the propaganda media. 24 Channel.

What is known about Xi Jinping's visit to Putin

Xi Jinping will visit Russia from March 20 to 22 at the invitation of the Kremlin goblin. It is known that during the talks with the leader of the PRC, the issue of developing comprehensive partnership relations and strategic interaction between Russia and China will be discussed.

It is also planned to exchange views in the context of deepening Russian-Chinese cooperation in the international arena. In addition, a number of “important bilateral documents” are planned to be signed.

It is noted that China will adhere to an objective position towards Ukraine and will play a constructive role in advancing the negotiations.

China for the first time since the beginning of the war called Russia “the main partner”

Recently, Foreign Minister Qin Gang praised China's close partnership with Russia. According to him, the countries are the main partners and a path of trust has been laid between them and a model of international cooperation has been created.

“When China and Russia joined hands, the movement towards a multipolar world and a more democratic international system gained momentum, and the global strategic balance and stability were guaranteed,” the Foreign Minister said.

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